Bacardi Ron Solera

May 11, 2012 - 8:01 pm 3 Comments


Type: Medium
Availability: Almost Everywhere
Details: Smooth
Price: $17.99 to $19.99
Andy: For the first time ever for a non-flavored Bacardi product…..this ain’t bad. I have not found a Bacardi product that I have been able to tolerate until now. The Solera has a little bite to it, but it also has something different…I just can’t put my tongue on it…nutmeg maybe? Anyway, whether you like or hate Bacardi products, give this one a shot, I definitely think it will surprise you.
Adrian: This isn’t bad. It has a little bite but a lot of richness. It definitely holds it’s own for the price. If you were going to buy a Bacardi product, this would be the one to buy. I would drink this as an everyday rum with no problem and have begun keeping it at the home bar for company when they come over.

3 Responses to “Bacardi Ron Solera”

  1. pnamajck Says:

    picked up a gift-box (solera-1873) back in 01-2005 … finally broke the seal in 07-2013 … taste is super-smooth. similarly, i had kept bottle of bacardi-black (before they started calling it select) … opening after ten years … unpleasant after-taste to that version.

    the diffuser on top of the solera-1873 is radically different than the normal ones … tends to become “clogged” … and will not dispense after opening.

  2. Jack Bedford Says:

    This is the finest mixing rum I’ve found. Incredibly smooth when mixed with anything sweet. It’s by far the best Bacardi rum that I’ve tried. Have to special order it here in Wyoming. All other Bacardi rums pale in comparison (though I haven’t tried the Reserva, which I’m told is the best)

  3. Champagneinhand Says:

    Bacardi. The rum produced en mass for the masses but this particular blend uses a Solera system that uses the Suns power to hear the rum while aging. It’s as close as you come to a mass produced product that is consistent and works fairly well in most settings. A better mixing rum that a sipping rum but Solera systems out the newest stuff in with the aging product and fill from the bottom. I wouldn’t complain if giving a bottle of this or it was the only choice at a bar. Sure there are much better rums but it’s like having a craft choice at Budweiser. Not so common.

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