Old Monk 7 year Blended

May 13, 2012 - 12:05 am 7 Comments

Type: Medium-Dark
Availability: Very Limited
Details: Sweet
Price: $16.99 to $24.99
Andy: Old Monk has a unbelievably strong caramel aroma and is the first rum from India I have ever seen. It has a dark, rich, amber color. It actually has a strong caramel flavor to it. It is definitely the predominant taste but it really isn’t too sweet. Mixed with Coke Zero it really makes it taste like Caramel Coke, and almost tastes as sweet as a Captain and Diet. It is very unique and actually could be marketed as a flavored rum. It would be great in a Hot Buttered Rum.
Adrian: This is very interesting and unique. You can definitely taste the caramel as it gets very sweet when mixed with Coke Zero. It really has a flavor like no other.

7 Responses to “Old Monk 7 year Blended”

  1. Kash Says:

    In India this rum is most popular . We have been drinking it for over 25 years and it,s the THE drink preferred by the armed forces personell . Does not give a hangover the next morning ! Definitely a flavourful drink mixed with diet coke or pepsi .

  2. Rajeev Says:

    Indians swear by this rum, and at an affordable price it is consumed by a wide range of people. It’s sad that it isn’t marketed well and scracely available outside India.

  3. Nathan Says:

    This is the worst tasting rum I’ve ever tasted. I’ve had rot- gut that tasted better than this liquid filth. It taste like maple syrup!!!!

  4. Brian Q Says:

    A delicious caramel flavourful rum suitable for drinking straight up. I first tasted this in 1990 in Goa India and I’ve been seeking it out ever since. Ontario has been importing this for the past few years and is the only spot I’ve found it outside of India. Thank you LCBO… worth the trip from BC 🙂

  5. Yume Says:

    I like the bottle. And the monk on the label is funny. :3

  6. Alton Pinto Says:

    Listen to the new old monk anthem:

  7. Bomberpilott Says:

    Great stuff! … It is available in San Antonio, TX at Spec’s … and very reasonably priced.

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