Screech from Newfoundland

May 13, 2012 - 3:04 pm 2 Comments


Type: Medium-Dark
Availability: Very Limited
Details: Sweet
Price: $16.99 to $19.99
Andy: Screech has a very dark, rich color…almost a dark red. It is definitely too harsh to drink straight but it is very unique. Kind of dry with no sweetness at all. Mixing it with Diet Coke really tones down the harshness and totally brings out the sweetness I didn’t taste before. I haven’t seen this in the States yet, I brought it back from Toronto, but it hopefully is on it’s way. I would definitely buy this again for a unique rum & diet.
Adrian: First off, I notice that it has no smell. Nothing. That’s strange. Anyway, it’s a little harsh to drink straight, but mixed with Diet Coke it is good. I actually enjoy it a lot as it has a very unique flavor.

2 Responses to “Screech from Newfoundland”

  1. Orion Says:

    The label is so bad, I was hoping for better.
    It’s alright. Fairly unique. If it didn’t have that rubbing-alcohol harshness that I usually associate with the cheap stuff, it would be enjoyable.

    It’s not sweet, so if you’re a whiskey guy like me you’ll enjoy it more than your average rum. There are better options though (look on this site).

  2. erwin Says:

    I have been drinking SCREECH for 20+ years
    the LCB in our area stopped stocking you rum, we found some down in Langley, with a new label, broght it home and thought I will buy a case and be happy again.
    I do not know what you did to get this taste but someone should be ask to drink it, it is
    worst than paint thinner, and to drink it with coke is like drinking CROWN ROYAL with mixer.
    I will have to get use to drinking LEMON HEART with water.

    sorry erwin

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