Koloa Spiced Rum

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Type: Spiced Rum
Availability: Limited
Price: Approx $30
Koloa Spiced Rum
Andy: I’ll start by saying my wife and I discovered Koloa rum during a vacation to Kauai last year and we really enjoyed spending some time in their tasting room. I purchased a couple of bottles of their Koloa Spiced Rum to bring back for us to review. A few months later, we have cracked it open and now it’s off to tasting. I think I may like this rum even more now, than I did when in Kauai. It must be the flavor bringing me back to an awesome vacation. Anyway, Koloa Spiced Rum has a very unique aroma. You can really smell the spices like vanilla, cinnamon and clove. When tried straight, it has a nice sweetness that you expect from a spiced rum, but not too sweet. I really taste a strong nuttiness, maybe macadamia. When mixed with Coke Zero, the flavors really come through. It has a nice unique flavor that is unlike any other spiced rum on the market. At around $30 a bottle, it’s on the high side, but it would make an awesome gift or a great special occasion rum for anyone’s bar. I can’t recommend it highly enough; I just wish it was available for purchase in Florida.
Adrian: So when I read a bottle and it says caramel color, I have concerns right off the bat. It’s really not a positive advertising note, it just sounds artificial. However, trying Koloa Spiced Rum straight it really has a nice flavor. It’s very sweet with a spicy aroma and a hint of alcohol heat. When mixed with Coke Zero, the flavor holds up really well. Koloa Spiced Rum is certainly nothing like Captain Morgan, or Bacardi Oakheart, it is much more unique. For the price, it’s not an everyday rum, but it would make a great, super unique addition to anyone’s rum collection.

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