Bacardi 1873

May 11, 2012 - 7:40 pm 2 Comments


Type: Gold
Availability: Limited
Details: Harsh
Price: $11.99 to $16.99
Andy: Ick…this tastes like Bacardi. It’s absolutely revolting straight and really still bad mixed with Diet Coke. I’m pissed I hauled this crap all the way back from Canada. I’m considering calling Bacardi to get my money back. What a waste of a perfectly good glass bottle.
Adrian: (Groaning…) This sucks. Nasty. There is nothing else to say.

2 Responses to “Bacardi 1873”

  1. brian Says:

    Mostly college kids buy this because they don’t know any better, and in today’s times, never will 🙁

  2. BacardiJoe Says:

    Have you hauled back any Bacardi 151? Good stuff.

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