Castillo Spiced Rum

May 12, 2012 - 1:15 am 7 Comments

Type: Spiced
Availability: Limited
Price: $8.99 to $12.99
Andy: Castillo Spiced has a strong vanilla and nutmeg flavor, but it’s harsh and really rough. This rum is harsher than a waitress at the Waffle House. Captain Morgan is not half as harsh and is much sweeter that this nasty rum. I feel nauseous just thinking about this rum. Not good. Not good at all.
Adrian: Castillo Spiced Rum has a very strong alcohol burn. It definitely has more of a bite than Captain Morgan with a lighter spiced flavor. Spend the couple extra bucks and buy Captain Morgan if you want a spiced rum. Or even better, try something new…maybe Sailor Jerry Spiced?

7 Responses to “Castillo Spiced Rum”

  1. Billy Joe Bob Says:

    Sorry fellas but you need to check your head. Captain Morgans or Castillo?
    I think you guys just like to do the stance! lol
    Castillo is if anything milder and more refined than Morgans. Morgans is cheap tasting with a hint of staleness to it. Maybe you should blindfold yourself next time and test.
    If you get the same results then maybe see how fast you can run with your blindfold on then retest after that….

  2. BC Says:

    These other reviewers are crazy, Castillo is the best spiced rum I’ve tasted and I’ve tried all of them. Don’t waste your money on the hype. The closest bang for your buck is the Kraken but Castillo is still my drink of choice. Granted its not something you’ll want to sip on but it’s always been kind to me the next morning and everyone I’ve introduced to it is stuck on it.

  3. YawnGG Says:

    The place around the corner sells 750 mls for 4.55$. Insane price, decent rum.

  4. Right Says:

    Castillo is way better than Captain. Cheaper, not as harsh, better taste all around.

  5. dante Says:

    I just did a blind taste test never having tasted any spiced rum and Castillo just tastes like socks or old cheese and Captain Morgan tasted like favored water with rubbing alchohol i prefer Captain for sure.

  6. Johnny Hamer Says:

    Tried Castillo for the first time last night. Mixed it with Coke the same ration I would do Captain. This tasted like poison. I nearly had to dilute it twice as much as Captain. Captain, when mixed right taste like Vanilla Coke with a bite. This was all bite and not a good liquor bite. Was like drinking stale gasoline out of a butthole.

  7. Paul Waas Says:

    Castillo Spiced Rum works well as a mixed drink with cranberry juice or cola.
    I wouldn’t sip on the rocks but good value for your money.

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