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Type: Medium-Dark
Availability: Very Limited
Details: Sweet
Price: $18.99 to $24.99
Andy: This rum comes in a couple of different bottles. It comes in your standard 750ml bottle, but it also comes in a special 375ml bottle that is in the shape of a sword. It’s is extremely cool and even comes with its own stand! Not only does it have a very unique bottle, but the taste really different. It has the taste and smell of caramel. It has a little too empty of a flavor for me to drink straight, but it is unbelievable mixed with Diet Coke. It is kind of similar to Old Monk, which isn’t surprising since they are made in the same area of the world, but I actually like Khukri a little better. It isn’t quite as sweet as the Old Monk. I like it a lot and would definitely recommend it.
Adrian: Khukri is thick and rich, but a little bitter for my taste when drinking straight. But it is awesome mixed with Diet Coke. This makes for a very unique rum and Coke drink. I love it.

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