Mount Gay Sugar Cane Rum

May 13, 2012 - 12:00 am 2 Comments


Type: Medium
Availability: Limited
Details: Fruity
Price: $17.99 to $21.99
Andy: This is also called Mount Gay Sugar Cane Brandy in some places. I found this to be a sweet rum with a fruity aroma that went down smooth. Sweeter than Mount Gay Eclipse but not as sweet as a Captain Morgan. This is delicious as a mixer, but is a little harsh to enjoy straight. This rum at $19.99 for 750ml it is a little more expensive than Eclipse, but I loved the sweetness, well worth the money. Delicious with my morning Cheerios.
Adrian:┬áMount Gay Sugar Can has a bit too much bite to be consumed straight. When mixes with Coke, it has a lighter and sweeter taste, it’s really nice. The harshness is gone and has turned kind of sweet and spicy. I could see this being used as a standard light rum.

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  1. Roy Koz Says:

    I found this very nice rum in south Florida. Loved it. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago and can’t find it here. Anyone know of a retail store that carries it?

  2. jim burke Says:

    Which dark rum would you most recommend to drink ” on the rocks”?

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