Old New Orleans 10 Year Special Edition

May 13, 2012 - 12:08 am 2 Comments

Type: Medium-Dark
Availability: Very Limited
Price: $49.99 to $55.99
Andy:¬†According to the guys over at Old New Orleans, this rum is only available at their distillery or at Emeril’s restaurant in Las Vegas. I love the wax top on the bottle…kind of like Maker’s Mark. This rum is delicous, especially mixed with Coke Zero. it is very smooth and rich. I think it’s definitely better than the 3 year, but at the $50-$60 price tag, I’d rather just get the 3 year. But if your in New Orleans…pick some up for a special occasion. It’s REALLY worth it.
Adrian:¬†This is a 10 year old rum, so it has history. This rum survived Hurrican Katrina. Apparently after the storm, the government came in and checked out the rum barrels, and all was ok. Thank goodness for us, since we now can partake in this great rum. This has a slight sweetness and a little taste of caramel and molasses, but with a nice little bite. When mixed with Coke Zero, it tastes smooth and rich and is one of the best rums I have had in a while. I think for the price though, I would just go ahead and buy 3 bottles of their 3 year rum to make a 9 year rum….more rum…more better.

2 Responses to “Old New Orleans 10 Year Special Edition”

  1. Monique Applewhite Says:

    You can get this at more places than just at the distillery and Emeril’s now. I haven’t tried too many rums in my life but so far this is the best. I’m not a big drinker so paying the $69.99 price for something I’m going to have for an occasional drink isn’t bad at all and especially for something that is really delicious. Going to the distillery is a must if you’re in NOLA.

  2. Phil Chiricotti Says:

    You guys must be drinking too much. This stuff is awful. Just awful. The three year is not good either, but it is better than the ten year. There is so much good aged rum out there, the El Dorado 12 is fabulous for the money, this stuff is an embarrassment to the trade.

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