Ron Barcelo Gran Anejo

May 13, 2012 - 2:34 pm 1 Comment

Type: Medium-Dark
Availability: Almost Everywhere
Details: Smooth
Price: $9.99 to $13.99
Andy:┬áThis is not a bad rum at all. It has a little bite to it, but it really isn’t harsh and doesn’t have a burn. I could actually drink this rum straight. The rum flavor really holds up well to the Coke Zero. For $12, a great value.
Adrian:┬áThis goes down easy straight, but I am missing the richness. It is way nice mixed with Coke Zero. This gets Adrian’s Bargain Seal of the Week! This would be the rum I would keep in the house for people to think its fancy, but really it is bargain basement.

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  1. Lin Says:

    Its amazing how one of the cheapest rum can make can make it to world rankings and get a good place. This rum is the rum of the people, the poor ones in dominican republic and still is fantastic to mix with coke, 7up or lemon juice. Sure dominicans make good rum.

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