Sailors Cherry

May 13, 2012 - 2:57 pm 2 Comments

Type: Infused
Availability: Limited
Price: $14.99 to $16.99
Andy: Wow…this is one REALLY sweet rum! It tastes like a melted cherry Icee. Tastes like a Cherry Coke when mixed with Diet Coke. This is the only cherry rum I have seen on the market to date..give it a shot if you are a cherry fan…it’s good!
Adrian: Sailors Cherry is very sweet and really tastes like cherry. It is so smooth that you can’t even tell you’re drinking rum. It tastes like candy or a melted cherry life saver. Even if you aren’t a rum drinker…mix it with some Coke Zero for a tasty Cherry Coke.

2 Responses to “Sailors Cherry”

  1. Dan Sholtis Says:

    Hey Guys,

    Saw this was posted this year, but I’ve been a huge fan of this rum for awhile and heard the distiller went out of business and haven’t seen it in ages.

    Where’d you end up grabbing it from? I would buy it all. ALL, I tell you. Thanks!


  2. Rum Reviews Says:

    We just did a tech refresh on the website which resulted in the dates changing for old entries. Good question on if Sailors is still around. Definitely good stuff!

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