Tropical Isle Palms Banana Rum

May 13, 2012 - 3:15 pm 1 Comment

Type: Infused
Availability: Limited
Details: Fruity
Price: $8.99 to $10.99
Andy: The Tropic Isle Palms are cheap…and there is a reason. They stink. Litterally. They smell like gasoline. It isn’t harsh and has no bite, but it doesn’t taste like anything either. Don’t bother. Spend the extra $2 and buy a Cruzan or something.
Adrian: This had very little flavor and what little flavor it had, disappears with and kind of juice. I would definitely look elsewhere.

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  1. jay Says:

    i love Tropic Isle Banana rum it tastes awesome

    your tastebuds might be broken you should get them checked

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