Fortuna Ron Reserva Exclusiva 8 year

February 4, 2013 - 2:18 pm No Comments


Type: Medium-Dark
Availability: Limited
Price: $21.99
Andy: I’ll start by saying Fortuna Rum was much better than I expected it to be. I thought the bottle looked a little generic. But after opening it, my opinion changed after the first smell of this amazing spirit. Hell, even my wife liked it, and she does not like rum straight at all. When drank straight, it is very smooth with just the hint of sweetness. I think Fortuna is just as smooth as rums that have been aged for a much longer period of time. When mixing it with just a hint of Coke Zero, it blends itself nicely. I would highly recommend this rum to anyone, especially at the around $20 price point, it would make a great addition to anyone’s bar.
Adrian: This rum is awesome. From Nicaragua, it has a nice rich nose with little to no heat. Straight up it is nice and smooth with a great rich flavor. We have had other rums in the same age category that are much harsher. I think you can definitely compare Fortuna Rum to rums aged much longer and going for much higher prices. When mixing it with Coke Zero the flavor really stands up.

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