Dog Island Rum

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Type: Silver (clear)
Availability: Limited
Price: Approx $20
Dog Island Rum
Andy: Dog Island Rum, is a new white rum from the Winter Park Distillery, which is local to us here in Orlando, FL. The bottle is typical of what you might find in small batch rums, but has a dog on the label. What’s interesting is there is a different dog on the label of every batch they produce. Also fans of the rum can send in pictures of their own dog to be used on future batches. Very cool. Now onto the rum tasting. Now as you can tell from my reviews of other light rums, I normally don’t care for them. They are fine for a tiki drink, but not with Coke Zero like I usually drink. This one however, I might make an exception. It has a very light, subtle aroma. Not like Bacardi, which smells like crap. Trying it straight, it has a very light, mild flavor with a very slight bite to it. Dog Island Rum has much less of a bite that you find in Bacardi or other mass produced white rums. Mixed with Coke Zero you really can’t taste any of the bite. It has a nice mild flavor. The price is very competitive and the taste is great, especially for mixing. This would actually make a KILLER mojito. If you can find it, I definitely recommend.
Adrian: Dog Island Rum is named after a small island in the Winter Park Chain of Lakes here in the Orlando, FL area. You really get no aroma from this rum at all. When trying it straight you get a nice light, normal white rum flavor with a light sense of the alcohol on the finish. It has a similar burn as Bacardi, but with a much better flavor. Mixing with Coke Zero takes all the burn out. You are left with just a nice light rum flavor. I normally don’t mix white rum with Coke Zero, I normally use it in fruity drinks, but I definitely would with this rum. It’s a high quality light rum, at a very reasonable price.

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