267 Rum Infusions Mango

May 9, 2012 - 10:56 pm 1 Comment
Type: Infused
Availability: Limited
Details: Fruity
Price: $18.99 to $22.99
Andy: Wow, this is really smooth. You can’t taste the alcohol at all. It is less sweet than the Brinley’s Mango, but has a little bite to it. This has a very authentic flavor. Plus, it has fruit in the bottle, so that must mean it is good for you!
Adrian: This tastes like I just cut a fresh mango. This is just as natural as the 267 pineapple, with an equally excellent flavor. I actually prefer the Brinley’s Gold Mango for mixing, as the flavor holds stronger with other ingredients, but this is an excellent rum, no doubt.

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  1. jim Says:

    Is 267 rum infusion mango available to be purchased by a consumer?

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