Sea Wynde Pot Still Rum

May 13, 2012 - 3:05 pm No Comments

Type: Medium
Availability: Almost Everywhere
Details: Bold
Price: $19.99 to $28.99
Andy: It’s spicy and fruity with a good flavor. At often over $30 a bottle, it would not be my first choice, I would prefer a Pyrat or Mt. Gay Extra Old, but still a decent choice.
Adrian: I thought this had a beautiful flavor. I don’t think I would drink it straight, but still nice. It’s no Pyrat or Mt. Gay Extra Old, but it does have a very unique flavor. I’ve been enjoying this one for a few weeks mixed 50/50 with coke and a wedge of lime. It certainly doesn’t have the sweetness of Pyrat, or smoothness of Mt. Gay Extra Old, but it’s a unique flavor that holds its own.

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