Vizcaya VXOP

May 13, 2012 - 3:17 pm 3 Comments


Type: Medium-Dark
Availability: Very Limited
Details: Smooth
Price: $32.99 to $36.99
Andy: Vizcaya is unbelievable. It has a nice fancy bottle that really makes me think that I’m in for something special. It is super smooth with just the right amount of sweetness. It really just fills your mouth with delicious flavors. It’s still good mixed with Diet Coke, but this rum is so good by itself, I would recommend drinking it just on the rocks. The Dominican’s can’t roll crepes, but they sure can make good rum. I would say this is definitely one of my favorite rums to drink straight, especially in it’s price range.
Adrian: Wow…this is awesome. It is very rich with a touch of sweetness. It’s so good straight I wouldn’t even mix it with anything. Mixing with Diet Coke, like we usually do, makes the rum loose some of it’s uniqueness. I highly recommend this rum.

3 Responses to “Vizcaya VXOP”

  1. Ashley Bobel Says:

    I love this Rum. Can be hard to find, but worth it when you do!

  2. evil-G-nius Says:

    This is definately a worthwhile rum. Its amazingly smooth, very rich and luxurious. Reeks of citrus, in a good way, and vanilla. The palate has a great brown sugar note to it that I love. This rum reminds me of Zaya (Guatemalan formula) just not as sweet. It is a perfect sipping rum after a hard day at work.

  3. Lumpy Says:

    Tried vizcaya after reading this review and I love this rum. Incredibly good rum. Smooth, rich, creamy with a butterscotch aftertaste. I mix it with air. And it’s stocked in 3 local liquor stores.

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