Zaya 12 year

May 13, 2012 - 3:18 pm 3 Comments


Type: Medium
Availability: Almost Everywhere
Details: Fruity
Price: $24.99 to $32.99
Andy: Zaya goes down smooth with a nice little burn. It has more of a fuller flavor, not dry and plain, with a little more sweetness. You can taste the nice aged flavor and can really smell the fruitiness. This is way better than Ron Centenario. Mixed with the Pepsi One the flavors really stand up. The sweetness has definitely increased and the soda brings out the fruitiness. Putting this as a base of a fruity drink would be wasting this delicious tasting rum.
Adrian: This has a nice bottle with palm fronds on the neck. A good fit in between Mount Gay Extra Old and Ron Centenario. You can taste the barrel with quite a bit of fruitiness. It is very smooth but with a little bite at the beginning. Mixed with Coke it becomes much sweeter. You can taste the molasses but it also seems to have a more of a unprocessed sweetness. It is definitely sweeter than Mount Gay Extra Old. With its beautiful rich color and great flavor I would be hesitant to drink it with less than a 2/3 alcohol and 1/3 soda mix to keep the sweetness down.

3 Responses to “Zaya 12 year”

  1. Bear Says:

    This is a Top Shelf Rum with a big price tag and it does not disappoint. I would describe the taste as very interesting with a lot going on. Mixing this with soda or citrus will only make it less interesting.

  2. George Says:

    Zaya 12 year from Trinidad is one of the smoothest rums on the market. It has a fairly strong vanilla flavor and is a full flavored aged rum. In my opinion it would be unwise to mix this rum with anything as it tastes superb ‘neat’.

  3. Champagneinhand Says:

    To me this is another dessert style of rum. The vanilla and other flavors come from a nice toasting in the barrels that the rum soaks in. Over time those would flavors turn into some nice spices and fruit if they use some old barrens that once housed wines or brandy. It’s a good drink but I don’t keep on of these bottles in stick but would hesitate buying it for a special occasion to show off different styles of aged rum. In contrast to a much drier Santa Teresa.

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